Foundation Dermal Fillers


At Aesthetics Palace we are passionate about assisting anyone getting into the world of aesthetics.

If you are a Level 3 Beauty Therapist or have at least 6 months in SPMU with Anatomy and Physiology, a paramedic, registered doctor, nurse, dentist or dental nurse you can enrol. Certain other qualifications are also acceptable so please ask. We also have our Pathway to Injectables for complete beginners.

This course is over a period of time, allowing you to gain knowlege, skills and confidence. We do not believe in a fastrack or quick way into aesthetics as it is important to be of knowlege, complications and emergency trained, safe practicing and confident. If we feel like you are not ready to be certified and qualified then we will assist you further until we feel you are.

The Foundation Filler course focuses on the practice of dermal fillers for the Perioral region (Lips, Nasolabial Lines/Smile Lines). AS you are welcomed into our academy for your training, you will be introduced to our tutors and they will set the learning objectives of the day. The course will be split into several different sections. This includes theory, demonstrations, practice and live models.

Within the theory section, our team cover full Anatomy & Physiology at Level 3 and Level 4, Safety is paramount to us and we ensure that you feel confident. We like to make sure you know fully what lies beneath the surface and are aware of all risks and complications that can happen. On that note, within the theory section we centre our training on safety, which includes a full, in-depth complications and emergency training. This provides you with the skills and knowlege to be able to handle any complications and difficult situations you may face in your career. This includes the use of hyaluronidase, which is a filler dissolver. Accompanying this in the theory section is a full first aid and risk assessment.

We teach you the latest techniques, tips and tricks to ensure your best practice is at hand.

Within your practical elements, you are provided with practice heads to firstly practice techniques that you have been introduced to without the risks so that we can analyse what areas we may need to cover again before your live model practice. When we do move onto live models you are provided with a range of different models with all different shapes and sizes to truly capture the essence of what the industry is like as no client is the same. We can never guarantee how many models you will have, however we like to ensure you have as much practice as possible.

Prior to your in clinic days with us, you are provided with an in-depth comprehensive online study. This has manuals, videos, information, risks, complication and more to ensure that ground knowlege is gained before you are with us. You will have questionnaires, tests and interactive features to test your knowlege online. This is accompanied by our tutors as when you are in our clinic we advance your knowlege with a intense in-depth theory session followed by a test of your understanding and knowledge.

Our tutors have been assessing for three years and have got their knowlege direct from doctors and surgeons who they have trained with throughout their career.

We want the best for all our students. This being said, we need to ensure that our students are ready. We will not pass you on the course if we do not feel like you are ready. Our tutors assess take into account your skill set, knowlege, safety, confidence and competence as it is vital for patients safety in your business.

If you are in the position that you are not ready to be passed after your course we will offer you a free return date to grow your skill set, touch up on your knowlege and ensure that you are safe and confident.

Classes are kept intentionally small so each student gets the one to one care and attention required to understand how to safely, confidently and competently provide the dermal filler service to their clients.

Our tutors have been in the industry for years and have concluded that your foundation levels are extremely important and your training needs to be fully in depth, therefore our foundation level course lengths are longer due to the fact that there is not enough time for you to fully understand every inch of practice, safety, and knowlege before you leave.

Students get access to a 24 hours support line in case of any emergencies.

With successful completion of the course, we will provide you with a starting off kit which will include all the essentials for you to start doing the procedure of Dermal Fillers! This includes a practice head and two boxes of filler.

If you would like to know more about our Foundation Dermal Fillers course please call us today on 01270 630083 to book or request more information.


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