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Welcome to Aesthetics Palace Clinic & Training Academy!

Aesthetics Palace is a Worldwide leading independent clinic and training academy that offers 5 star treatments and training with expert practitioners and trainers who have advanced and extensive experience in medical and non-medical aesthetics.

Here at the Aesthetics Palace Training Academy, our qualified aesthetic practitioners thrive on teaching trainee practitioners the knowledge and skills required to enhance the way their clients look and feel. Our aim at Aesthetics Palace is to equip those training with everything they need to succeed further within the aesthetics industry.

Are you thinking about a career in Aesthetics? Need To Advance Your Skills? Not sure where to start? Aesthetics Palace is a team of highly skilled medical team with a wealth of knowledge.

Established by our CEO Carla Jones, Aesthetics Place has been responsible for designing new qualifications and courses. Carla is our Academy Founder and is an advanced teacher within the Aesthetics industry.

Our medical training team has industry-leading knowledge that is passed directly to our students. The team has quickly built their client base through their excellent reputation as leaders within the Aesthetics Industry. Carla wanted to bridge the gap in the medic and non-medic divide in the Aesthetics industry.

The Academy have a very friendly, calming, and welcoming atmosphere.



Our Tutors:


Carla is not only the owner of our academy but also a highly qualified tutor assessor. With over a decade of experience in this role, Carla brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Her specialization in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers makes her an ideal choice as an assessor for level 7. In addition to her role as an assessor, Carla also serves as an Internal Quality Assurer (IQA), ensuring that our learning programs and qualifications meet the highest quality standards.


Dr Malik

Dr. Malik is our resident prescriber and Level 7 tutor assessor. With extensive experience in aesthetics and a background as an NHS A&E Doctor and Hair Transplant Surgeon, his advanced medical knowledge makes him an ideal assessor for students from a medical background. Dr. Malik’s expertise and passion for teaching enable him to share his valuable knowledge with our students effectively.


Khon is our resident skin care specialist and Level 4&5 tutor assessor. With extensive experience in dermatology, his advanced knowledge makes him an ideal assessor for students. Khon’s expertise and passion for teaching enable him to share his valuable knowledge with our students effectively. His young and ambitious personality never leaves students bored during the intensive theory sessions.

Training Medics and Non-Medics

We offer a range of aesthetic courses, so if you want to perfect the art of dermal fillers or contour a customer’s body to perfection, we can help you.

We offer training to a range of different students from all different backgrounds, professions, and experience levels. We train both medics and non-medics. If you have passion and enthusiasm for the art of aesthetics, we can help you.

Each course comes with several factors, including practical training, advanced theory training, e-learning, complications, anatomy training, advanced aftercare support, strong clinical oversight, and not short of a prescriber list.

We also have a 24/7 support line number in case of an emergency to ensure you always have that comfort and security after you leave us.

At Aesthetics Palace, we offer a variety of courses that include starting routes, progression courses and advanced.


Training You To Be The Best!

Our Academys

The Training Academy has our Head Quarters in Cheshire. We also have a Training Academy in North London, Our international academies in Dubai, Turkey & Miami providing high-quality treatments and expert knowledge to everyone.

We also provide models for live demonstrations at each of our locations. Students not only watch a treatment but are also able to gain some practical experience as they practice their technique under the instruction of their trainers on the models.