Finance Options

Spread the cost of your purchases

How to apply for loan streaming

You apply

Applying for short-term loan streaming is simple. Just choose how much you want to borrow and fill in your personal, banking and employment details. It usually takes 5 minutes** or so.
**Application times may vary. Please carefully fill out the application and consider each section before proceeding with the application.

You get your decision

We’ll run your application info through our algorithm, taking into account your circumstances and not just your credit rating. In most cases, we’ll give you an instant decision and let you know how much you can borrow.

Your loan gets streamed right to your account

Just give us your bank account details as part of the application, and we’ll start streaming the cash to your bank in under 90 seconds

Take control of your repayments

There are two ways we can do the repayments. Whatever works best for you – it’s your call.

  • We take out the amount each month on a specified date (and we’ll remind you when we’re about to do it, so it’s not a surprise)
  • You can make individual payments through your account, either on the website or by calling us on 0203 808 4440#

We’ll help make sure you know what you’re doing throughout as well. We’ll keep in contact with you with information about how to avoid problems and help keep your financial position positive.