Terms & Conditions


At Aesthetics Palace we are delighted to say courses are in very high demand and it is important to us that we aim to accommodate all our students.

To achieve this, we abide by a strict two week cancellation policy for every course made.
Please give us more than two weeks notice if for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule your course allowing us to offer you a more convenient course time & to ensure you avoid a cancellation fee.
Please do this by calling during opening hours or popping us a message on any of our channels.
All courses require a non-refundable deposit on booking in order to sure your appointment.
Failure to notify us within two weeks will result in the loss of the course and will result in you without the ability to reschedule and will result in a cancellation fee.
The cancellation fee will stand at 10% of the total price of your course.
This cancellation fee will need to be paid before booking another course.
No refunds will be given to cancelled or rescheduled bookings on any courses subject.
If we can see that the online e-learning has been used in any way from a yourself in an event of cancellation then a fee of 50% will be charged for the study materials.
Aesthetics Palace reserves the right to cancel a course if number of delegates have not reached the minimum required to run the course effectively.
The company also reserves the right to cancel in the event of an unforeseen circumstance which disables a safe training environment.

In the event of a cancellation, Aesthetics Palace will either arrange for an alternative course date or will offer a full refund.


Due to the current pandemic, we are following strict measures from UK Government and Public Health England to ensure the safety of all staff, students, models and clients at Aesthetics Palace. Therefore, if at any point models that have been booked in for you during your course unfortunately have to cancel due to any of the following: showing symptoms of Covid19, a family member is tested positive for Covid19, self-isolating, waiting for results from a Covid19 test, then we as a company cannot allow the appointment to go ahead. Find out more here!

We cannot be held responsible for cancellations that happen on the day or at least 48 hours prior to your course. Due to high numbers of cancellations, this could result in courses being cancelled and rescheduled as a last result to ensure the safety and competency of our students in that they have the required number of models to be certified.

We understand during this time we have had more cancellations that usual and cannot be held responsible due to unforeseeable circumstances that are out of our control and for following Covid19 safety guidelines. 

Therefore, as we want to ensure your level of competency during your training at Aesthetics Palace, we are more than happy to offer you a free CPD day at a later date to acquire additional models and secure your confidence in your chosen practice. We deeply appreciate your understanding during this difficult time.