Pathway to Aesthetics


At Aesthetics Palace , we believe that if you have a passion for aesthetics, you should have the opportunity to pursue that career. That is why we offer the Pathway to Aesthetics training course.

Our expert tutors will help you begin your career by providing both practical and theory training to help you learn the essential knowledge you need to start developing your career within the aesthetics industry.

The Pathway to Aesthetics course requires no training or qualifications as it serves as the basic building blocks that will help you develop skills that will allow you to move onto more advanced techniques.

This course will teach you all about Anatomy & Physiology Level 3 & 4 and enable you to gain the knowledge to progress within the industry.

Health & Safety, First Aid and Medication management / Risk Assessments are all included.

This course will include microneedling; this is a fantastic way to grow in the industry and acts as a perfect route to train in other areas such as IV Therapy, Botox & Dermal Fillers, B12 Vitamin Injections, and many more.

Our trainers stay on top of the latest developments within the industry, which means they are qualified to provide you with training to the highest possible standard, allowing you to leave our course with the best possible start for your aesthetic career.

This course will teach you various skills necessary for a career in the aesthetics industry, such as complications, anatomy and physiology training, advanced aftercare support, and clinical oversight. These skills will be taught through a combination of practical and advanced theory in person and online e-learning.

Please note that this course is not a fastrack into aesthetics. This course teaches you the beginners knowlege and skills to progress within the industry. In our belief there is no such thing as a fastrack into aesthetics as to master the art you need to be safe, knowledgeable, trained to a high standard and progress the correct way.

Our aim is to ensure that once you leave us and your career is starting that you will be competent, skilled and knowledgeable to offer your clients a high standard, safe, professional and correct treatment experience.

Our training is following all regulations, in line with insurances, accreditations and additionally our belief of what makes a good, safe practitioner.

With successful completion of the course, we will provide you with a starting off kit which will include all the essentials for you to start doing the procedure of microneedling.

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If you would like to know more about our Pathway to Aesthetics course, please call us today on 01270 630083 to request more information.