About our Academy

At Aesthetics Place we work tirelessly to ensure anybody who wants to be trained in the art of aesthetics can be.

About Our Training

When it comes to aesthetics training, Aesthetics Palace is a leading independent academy that can offer you training with expert trainers who have advanced knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience.

At Aesthetics Place we work tirelessly to ensure anybody who wants to be trained in the art of aesthetics can be. We have many different routes available for you. We train both medics and non-medics. Some courses do need some additional experience but we can build you up and guide you with what steps you will need to take to get their. We don’t want anyone’s dreams to be stopped by a lack of experience.

We are fully endorsed by insurers, we directly pass on our expert knowledge to ensure that everyone leaves their training completely safe and feeling confident, with a competent skill set.

We have many courses available to you such as Pathways to Aesthetics, Dermal Fillers, SPMU, BBL, Body Contouring and more. Additionally, we do offer the Level 5 and Level 7 courses. Our Level 5 and Level 7 is a brilliant way to progress into your aesthetics career and gain a regulated qualification.

We always take your previous experience into account. That being said, we want to ensure no matter the experience you are safe, qualified and well trained before you complete any procedure.

We offer hands-on training with models, we train to a high standard to ensure you feel confident and we feel confident in you. We have an in-house medical team, who will support you to the best of their ability. To ensure we do this we train and update our own knowledge regularly. We teach medical complications, ongoing aftercare support and a medical 24-hour emergency line which is provided after training.

So why not train with us?

  • Live Demonstrations on Models
  • Lots of live models provided for each student
  • Full complications is included with every course.
  • Full list of UK Prescribers that we happily share.
  • As well as in-house prescriber available.
  • Full Emergency Kits Available to purchase on Training Day
  • Clinical Oversight
  • Ongoing aftercare and support
  • 24/7 emergency help line

Carla Jones

Carla is our Academy Founder and a student Midwife, who has been heavily involved in the Aesthetics industry for several years. She has built up an invaluable network of peers nationwide who share her passion for the industry. She invests in the future of all students that train with us with personal mentoring and lifetime support.

Nurse Anna

Nurse Anna is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, working for numerous NHS GP Surgery’s. Anna has worked in aesthetics for several years and has recently joined the team as our advanced nurse prescriber. Her vision is to bring the best high quality treatments to the industry.