Breast Augmentation Using Fillers

Starting from £1500 VAT Included

The no scar, no knife and no stress boob job and also cleavage enhancement.

Breast fillers are a beauty treatment to enhance the volume of the breasts.

Breast fillers are suitable for all breast types  in the search for the desired shape, size and evenness.

For this procedure we use dermal fillers which is used to restore, give volume and shape to body surfaces.

Breast augmentation treatment is extremely quick and hassle-free. It can be done in just 30 – 40mins.

The results from the treatment last 12 – 18 months, after which time you will need to get a top-up.

Benefits of  breast augmentation include: 

– Safe, bio-degradable and natural product

– Instant, natural-looking results

– No downtime and minimal side-effects

– Simple 30 minute procedure

– Non-permanent

In this course you will be taught all the tips, tricks, product placement, product types, complications, theory and everything needed to perform the procedure.

  • One Day Course
  • Extremely Popular With Clients
  • First Aid, Health and Safety and Complications
  • Indepth E-Learning
  • Theory Covered On The Day
  • Clinical Oversight
  • 24/7 Emergency Line
  • In House Doctor
  • Wholesale Available
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